It's officially September now and the month when autumn really begins. I love new season fashion because it is another excuse to purchase more clothes, shoes and accessorise to add to your wardrobe to make it autumn/winter appropriate without having to feel bad about buying more. I decided to put together a wish list of some of the things that I am loving in Topshop at the moment, that would be perfect for the autumn time when it starts to get a little chilly, and you need to throw on some layers to keep you warm, as well as throwing in some autumnal shades to let you leave behind those summer colours.

I love tailored style coats and jackets. I'm definitely going to be purchasing something of a similar style this autumn/winter. This one has a very simple look to it, therefore could be paired with a lot of different things, such as jeans and t-shirt or a shirt tucked into a skirt to create different looks. Also I like how it has pockets which is essential for putting small items into when out and about, like your phone or a lipstick.

Topshop jeans are so comfortable and I really need to invest in more pairs. I've had my eye on these ones for quite a while now and I definitely think it might be time soon to purchase them. I think as they're more of a mid-denim colour they would be great to wear all year round, as well during the new autumn season. Also I really like how there is rips on the thigh, as well as on the knee as it gives the jeans an additional detail to them.

I love the simplicity of this skirt and the style of it compared to the usual pencil skirt I would normally go for. I don't really own that many skirts and I think this one is definitely something I could picture myself wearing with a white shirt tucked into it. Also because it is black I think that it will be easy to pair it with so many different things and lots of different styled tops. A great invest to get a lot of wear out of.

Another item that I have been obsessing over for a while and I really want to purchase. I think they are really girly and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pinafores have been around a lot this spring/summer season and I definitely think they are here to stay into this transition period. Instead of wearing a crop top underneath during the cooler months, throw on a long sleeved top or jumper underneath the pinafore to keep warm.

Loafers are a great versatile item that can be paired with so many different outfits for a range of occasions. I love the tassel detail on these loafers because it gives them that something extra. A great invest piece for when you're going to be on your feet for a long period of time and want your feet to feel as comfortable as possible.

This next item is a really classic piece to add to your wardrobe. Another simple piece that would work well with any type of outfit. Personally I think it would look great paired with the pinafore mentioned above or a paired of black skinny jeans.

I'm not really too sure on this item and even if I do like it, I'm not sure why haha! I think more than anything I just like the colours of the shirt and the style of it. I don't know if this would be a particular item that I would completely invest in and love, but I think if styled in the right way it would look really great. Also I like the 3/4 length sleeves and how it comes down to the elbow, as opposed to the usual shoulder length or long sleeves on most shirts. I've probably just completely contradicted myself but oh well.

This is probably one of my favourite items that I have on my wishlist at the moment. I am in love with the colour and I think it is the perfect shade to sum up autumn. Also I'm one of those people who do not have a lot of colour in their wardrobe, it's mainly full of black, white and grey pieces. But I think this jumper would be a great addition to bring some colour into my wardrobe for the new season. This jumper would be a great piece to wear to keep you warm throughout the cold period.

I really need to invest in a new pair of Chelsea boots. The ones I own, I got about two years from Primark and they are looking a bit worse for wear now. In my opinion, I think these ones look really sturdy and comfortable, as well as like they would last a long period of time, more than the ones I purchased from Primark. Therefore, they are definitely worth the money if you will get a lot of wear out of them and they can still stay in a good condition throughout.

The whole reason why this jacket is on my wish list is because of the colour. Another colour that is great from transitioning your wardrobe from summer shades into autumn. I don't think I have actually ever owned anything this colour before, so it would be great to bring something new to my wardrobe and go for something I would not normally go for. Sleeveless jackets have been very popular the past season and are a great piece for layering up different items.

What is on your Topshop wishlist right now? Are you exited for the autumn/winter season?

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