How To Stay Motivated To Exercise


How To Get Motivated To Exercise

We're already into our third week of January. Those new years resolutions you made at the start of the month, might have slowly started to go out of the window and have been forgotten about. You might have decided you were going to eat more healthy and exercise regularly, like most of us do after a festive feast at Christmas. Your first step might have been to purchase a gym membership, book yourself in for some weekly classes and go on a few morning runs before work. Whatever it is, you have started it but have no power to move forward. You might have slowly started to lack inspiration and have started to fall back into old habits.

Today I thought I would share with you some tips on how to stay motivated to exercise and keep with it. There's no point wanting to do something and benefit yourself, if you're not willing to put as much effort in and gain those great results. If you need extra help, then keep on reading!

Do exercise that you enjoy:
There's nothing worse than doing something you don't enjoy just for the sake of it. A great start in gaining back that motivation that made you want to exercise is to find a certain activity that you love and enjoy. You need to find one that will actually make you want to get up and go. You'll know you'll have fun, as well as reach your goal at the same time. If you have the time and money, surely there is no harm in trying a range of different things to see what suits you best. You've tried going to the gym, maybe there's various reasons as to why you don't like it. That's fine, then why not exercise in the comfort of your own home? Browse the web for work out video's, put on some music and find a space that you can use. This way you can still enjoy yourself but in your own space without anyone else's watchful eyes. Alternatively, you could try a few classes or equipment out at the gym to see what you enjoy and what will bring you the best results. 

Set realistic goals and track your progress:
Once you have found what you enjoy doing, then a great step to keep you motivated would be to set some further goals. You might decide that one of your goals will be to work out at least three times a week or that you will attend one class at the gym each week. Once you start making goals for yourself, it is then easy to track your progress and create more goals after you have completed you're original ones. Tracking your progress is great for keeping your motivation levels high and giving you that confidence boost to tackle whatever challenges you might have set. When you're lacking that motivation, you can always refer back to when you first started and to see how far you have come. Also by having goals, you can clearly see what it is that you want to achieve and remind yourself how you're going to get there. When things are clearer, it makes it so much easier to complete tasks!
How To Get Motivated To Exercise

Create a playlist:
Making your own work out or exercise playlist can be a great way to motivate you. Setting up your own playlist of some upbeat songs that either have powerful motivating lyrics or might be some of your favourites to listen to can really help. When you're off out for a run or at the gym, why not bring your headphones along and listen to your playlist whilst you're carrying out your activity. It also add's another fun element to what you're doing!

Buy new gym wear:
Another thing that will sure to get your motivation levels rising is to purchase some new gym wear. A whole range of high street and online stores do a mixture of work out gear for affordable prices. Primark, H&M and New Look are some of the best places to go to grab a bargain if you don't want to spend a lot on this type of clothing. Knowing that you can slip on your new sports bra or leggings , can really help to boost your motivation to work out. What's the harm in looking good whilst you're trying to make yourself feel good?

Remind yourself why you started/want to do it:
Finally the last, but most important point. Always remind yourself why you started and why you want to exercise. There's no point working out for someone else's benefit, you should only be doing it for your own self. Whether you want to burn off some weight, be more active, feel good about yourself or take up a new hobby, it is crucial you remind yourself of this. In particular when you are lacking motivation and you're slowly starting to give up. You're not going to get the results you want, if you don't try and go after them with all the determination you've got!

How do you stay motivated to exercise?
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Disclaimer: I am nowhere near a fitness expert or someone who has a strong interest in fitness. I'm just someone who has set themselves a goal to be more active and exercise regularly. All tips shared are what personally help me.

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