My Hopes For 7B of Pretty Little Liars


My Hopes For 7B of Pretty Little Liars
So last week saw the mid season summer finale of Pretty Little Liars and also came the announcement that the second half of the season come next April would be the final ever episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I've been a massive fan of this show since it began back  in 2010 and over in the UK it was hardly known. I remember watching it on MTV back in the day and being hooked. Then when it landed on Netflix years later, everyone became just as obsessed as I was and the show really took off all over.

I'm actually pretty sad it's going to be over. I feel like all my favourite TV shows are ending and it's just like when Gossip Girl ended a couple years back. Today I thought I would share you with my hopes for Season 7 B of Pretty Little Liars, the things I would love to happen and be the 'end game' come the final episode of the whole show. 

*Spoilers below if you haven't seen Season 7A*

Toby and Spencer are actually ok - I don't want either of them to die!!!!
They get back together and live happily ever after
They move into the blue house Toby built for her please
More of Jason 
Ezria wedding - it's going to happen. Let's be real here.
The Mom's are actually in it more this second half of the season! Who doesn't love the Mom's?
They announce they're actually going to release some movie in the future based on the show.
We find out more about Mary being Spencer's birth mother
And does that mean Peter Hasting's got both sets of twins (Jessica & Mary) pregnant?!
Is he even Spencer's real father?
Alison's pregnancy!!
Jason please
Melissa being her usual shady self
Wren actually comes back like he's rumoured to
Bring back bad ass Mona that we saw in the first few seasons
Haleb all day every day 
Emily doesn't go back with Paige (sorry I can't stand her...)
Hanna continues being well....just Hanna! 
The cops actually end up solving a crime this season because let's be honest, have they ever been correct with anything?
We find out who A.D is and it's not as much of a disappointment as finding out who A was
Who actually did kill Charlotte???
More flashbacks! We love a good flash back.
Shirtless Jason...
They actually get a happy ending this time
Unimportant and filler characters please stay the hell away, for example Sydney?!!??!
I want someone like Ian or Wilden to come back to really spice things up
Emison are end game please

Do you love PLL? Are you sad it's ending? What are your hopes for 7B?

Lauren x

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