Halloween Costume/Outfit Ideas


It's just a little over a week away until one of the most celebrated nights of the Autumn months is here. Halloween is fast approaching now and however you chose to spend the night there is probably a bundle of you who are trying to figure out what you might wear to celebrate this year. Finding a costume can sometimes be so difficult, but reason years have seen many high street names and online retailers creating pieces that are perfect for the Halloween period. Whether you're staying in for a night full of scary movies and Halloween themed snacks or heading out for the night to dance the demons away, I've got some great outfit ideas that are sure to be perfect for however you spend this haunted day!

- A little black dress is a great starter option for any Halloween themed outfit. From your dress, you can build around it with different accessories to create whatever theme you like. A number of examples could include, buying some cat ears and drawing on the cat makeup to create a cat theme, using blood and other special effects makeup to create a vampire or zombie inspired look, picking up a witches a hat, a wand, a cape and any other accessories to build a witch like image to your costume idea or whatever other ideas you might have that can be built around your basic black dress.

- You don't even have to go as anything in particular! You could just easily buy one of the slogan or graphic printed t-shirts and pair it with your favourite pair of jeans or skirt for an easy go to look this halloween if you prefer a more relaxed yet chic look for your celebrations. This also works well if you're staying in for the night and want to be super comfortable.

- If you don't have much money or ideas in what to wear, then go for a party inspired number like the little black dress or any going out attire, but go crazy with your makeup and create whatever scary themed look you might like! Either learn and do it yourself or get a friend or even a professional to help you with your look. It's really easy to get a hold of special effects makeup these days or even just making do with what you've got out of your makeup collection can help you pull off any look.

What are your plans for Halloween? What are you dressing up as or what would you dress up as?

Lauren x

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