26 Motivational Thoughts To Get You Through January


26 Motivational/Positive Thoughts To Get You Through January
We all know that January is labelled as the 'blue' month, the one that comes after the festiveness of Christmas and now it's time to go back to reality. You also have all this new found pressure of it being a new year and having new goals to work towards for the next twelve months. It can all be a little daunting and one we wish away as quickly as another year comes around. If you've been feeling a bit down and have found yourself dreading the next few weeks, then I hope today's post will be able to make you feel motivated and positive enough to get yourself through January. I've gathered together some of my favourite thoughts/quotes that you could either bookmark or print screen either on your phone or computer to always have to refer back to, whenever you need a pick me up or to read daily to help get you through it.

  • 'Flourish and be.'
  • 'I have decided that this will be a very good year.'
  • 'You can't change your past, but you can begin a new future.'
  • '...And so the adventure begins.'
  • 'New year, new feels, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts.'
  • '12 new chapters, 365 chances.'
  • 'This is your year to sparkle.'
  • 'The best is yet to come.'
  • 'This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder and unstoppable.'
  • 'You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.'
  • 'When I'm lacking motivation to go to the gym, a new pair of leggings usually do the trick.'
  • 'Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.'
  • 'Stop waiting for Monday, January first or anything else. Start now.'
  • 'Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better.'
  • 'It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop.'
  • 'Nature and a stretch - all the best things in life are free.'
  • 'Never, never, never give up.'
  • 'Life is one big lesson and I'm definitely working on it.'
  • 'Life is better when you're laughing.'
  • 'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light.'
  • 'Bad days build better days.'
  • 'Keep going. You're getting there.'
  • 'Put on your positive pants.'
  • 'On a bad day there is always lipstick.'
  • 'If you get tired, learn to rest not quit.'
  • 'The secret to getting started is getting ahead.'
I pin daily over on Pinterest and have my own Inspiring Thoughts board if any of you want to check it out and always have somewhere to go for a positive or inspiring pick me up!

What's your favourite quote? Do you like any of the  above?

Lauren x

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