Why I've Never Kept My Blog A Secret


Why I've Never Kept My Blog A Secret
One of the main reasons I never started a blog sooner than I actually did was because I was scared. I was scared of judgement from those I knew. It wasn't of those closest to me that I was worried would judge me. I have a group of supportive people behind me who back me with whatever I decide to do. But it was more the people I used to know and those from school who knew me. I guess I was lucky in the sense that I started my blog two years after I had left school, so these people I was so worried would judge me I didn't even have to face every single day. But still I felt like these people I knew would mock me for putting my voice and myself out online for the whole world to see.

After going through depression and anxiety, I surprisingly learnt to really not give a crap about what people thought about me, because in some ways I stopped judging and caring what other people were doing. To me none of that stuff mattered anymore. I didn't have to speak nor did I have to face any of them ever again, so why did it matter if they knew or they found out and teased me for it? Surely the problem would lie with them instead of me, knowing if they did it meant they would be taking time out of their own day to judge me for something I've had the guts to do and worked bloody damn hard on!

Ever since I published my first blog post in 2015, I haven't kept my blog a secret. I've happily shared it with my closest loved ones. I don't care if people from school come across it and decide to judge it. Go ahead. Because I'm loving it and I'm not going to stop because of you. And If I meet anyone knew, I'm not afraid to be like 'hell yes I am a blogger and I have my own blog, so what?!'. If you're reading this and thinking 'oh my god, I can't bare to share my blog with anyone', then here are some reasons as to why I've never kept it a secret and they hopefully might help change your mind to pluck up the courage to just go for it....
Why I've Never Kept My Blog A Secret
Creating a blog, working hard on it every single day behind the scenes and publishing content for the world to see is something that should be congratulated. You should congratulate yourself on throwing passion into this hobby and trying to make it something you're really proud of. I'm proud of my blog. Yes, it may not be the most successful with pretty pictures, high quality writing and thousands of followers behind it, but it's my space. It's my online voice. It's what I created not for anybody else, but me and overtime it's become something which I love to share to other people. I've produced and published content that I am proud of. It's what I have achieved based entirely on my own work and dedication. I am proud of how I have grown not only online, but also offline. Blogging has helped me in so many ways. You shouldn't have to just congratulate yourself alone. Get other people involved and let them share the same admiration you have for this amazing thing you've created called your blog!

I mentioned briefly how blogging has helped me in so many ways. It's given me confidence online that I never had and confidence I am lacking in the outside world. But one area where it has helped me in the past was when I was well enough to apply for jobs. I want to potentially work in social media and digital marketing. A blog is perfect for those two areas because a blog essentially touches on some of the things that the duties someone in this career sector would carry out on a day to day basis. But it's not just the digital side of things where having your own blog looks good. Showing on your CV that you run your own blog shows a whole wide range of skills and presents to a potential employer what your interests are and how you spend your free time. It also shows experience. So don't be afraid to hide it to even those people in more higher authorities. It could benefit you greatly and help you stand out amongst other applicants!

Now you can let your loved ones celebrate with you and potential employers get a real taste of who you are, that only leaves all those people you use to know and those strangers you might potentially get to know in the future. I know it's so so so hard to not care, but seriously stop caring about what other people are going to think. It's your blog. If no one likes it or has anything nice to say about it and yourself, then don't listen to them and move on. If people can't admire you for your effort, then are they the sort of people you want in your life? If you're seriously doing what you love and enjoy it so much, then just keep on going and stay focused! Don't let someone elses opinion throw you off from what doing what you want to do. If you do meet someone who doesn't get the whole blogging thing, then try sit them down and explain it to them. If they have any sense, they'll change their mind and see just how passionate you are!

I hope this post comes across in the right way. No way am I having a go at anyone who keeps their blog a secret. I do see why people would and I don't have anything wrong with it. But I just wanted to put a point across about why I've never kept it a secret and how much happier I feel I am with blogging by just being open. I hope this does encourage you to take the plunge! It's not as scary as you may think and it will be 100% worth it :)

How open are you about having your own blog?

Lauren x

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