Why Blogging Breaks Are Good For You


Why Blogging Breaks Are Good For You
There seems to be some misconception within the blogging world that we need to be on our game 24/7 with making content, promoting said content and thinking of new said content. Whilst doing this can be good for progressing your blog along and bringing success, it can also be toxic if you burn yourself out, especially if you are already feeling deflated with your blog and know that you need sometime away from it. Blogging breaks are fine. Blogging breaks are needed. Everyone needs to have a break from blogging, the same way we have days off work or education, breaks are highly beneficial for so many reasons. The same applies for blogging and taking breaks. The benefits you can get from taking a break from blogging is endless. 

Taking a break gives you the chance to live. And I don't mean that by blogging you are not essentially living because you are. But I mean that you are giving yourself the time to go out there and explore the world away from all things blogging related. This will help you in so many different ways. It will help to inspire you again. It will get you to seek out those new experiences and learn from them, whether they're good, bad or perhaps somewhere in the middle, every experience is a learning curve. And what are blogs built on? They're built on experiences. Experiences shape the people we are and they shape the content we produce for our blogs for the world to read.

Being away from blogging continuously takes off the pressure. It gives you a chance to relax and forget about all the things you should be doing. Instead you can replace the time you use to spend blogging with other things you enjoy, perhaps having a pamper night to yourself more during the week, visiting your family, taking the dog on an extra long walk, heading out to a new city for the weekend or getting back into an old hobby. By giving yourself some breathing space from all things blog related, you will probably find yourself missing it more than you thought you would. Having a break can make you want to come back bigger and better. 

You'll also probably find that you are full of new ideas and have a clearer mind. This can make way for giving you a good guide as to where you want your blog to go from now and into the future. Perhaps you have considered what changes you want to make or where you want to be within the next few months. Coming back with a good plan as to what you want to be doing and where you want to head is a very good place to be. This might mean during your time away you spend a bit of time planning some new content ideas to help keep you organised and ready for your return. 

If you're skeptical about coming back after a break for any reason from being worried that your readers might have forgotten about you or that you won't be able to find your feet or balance again, then I can assure you that even if it does take a little bit of time you will get back into it. Your readers will stick around. They won't just leave. They'll probably be more than excited to see you back posting and will appreciate your return rather than be annoyed that you went away in the first place. It will also probably take a while to ease yourself back into your blogging routine again, but it will be worth it and you'll probably find yourself trying out new ways to work until you settle again.

During this time of a return, motivation will not doubt be high! I always find that when I have sometime away I'm then jumping to get back into it with all these new ideas whirling around in my head and itching to pick up the camera to shoot some photos for all my new content. When you feel that hunger and drive to really up your blogging game after a break then you know that the break has been worth it and needed. When you feel that passion coming back to you and that excitement to get creative again you know that your blogging break has been good to you.

So you know that when things start to go a little sour again, whether it's in a few months time or within the next year, just take a step back, have sometime away and then come back with all that you've got to kick it again!

What are your thoughts on blogging breaks? Do you find them beneficial? 

Lauren x

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