4 Things I Want To Do Before The Year Is Up


4 Things I Want To Do Before The Year Is Up

So far this year for me personally has been the most life changing, challenging, hopeful and exciting year I've had in a long time. It is all down to stepping out of my comfort zone more and more, even if it is small steps, it has still counted for something and I have already achieved some incredible things, that this time last year I could never imagine overcoming. This has given me so much hope and excitement to achieve more, to get better and continue to face my fears, all whilst finally being able to actually enjoy life! It's made me actually look forward to things that I am no longer afraid to plan in advance and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things I want to do before the year is up...

1. Join a badminton club or go play regularly -  I've always really loved playing badminton and when I went away last month it was the first time in a long time that I had played. It's just such an easy going activity and a good form of enjoyable exercise. I'd love to either join a club to go to weekly or just play regularly as I really do enjoy it. I also think it will be good for my mental health because I will be exercising and also having something else to focus on other than any worries or troubles. Plus it will get me out socialising too.

2. Go away again - After last year when I went away and was so severely anxious, I couldn't picture myself going away from home on a holiday or a short break in an okay state ever again. But when I did go away this year, I was completely different and coped really well. Apart from the occasional hiccup, I still had so much fun and I really cannot wait to go away in December. It's so lovely having things to look forward to and to keep me going. And I'm so proud of myself for actually being able to go away, out of my comfort zone and still be able to have fun. It's such amazing progress.

3. Figure out what I want to do career wise - I feel like I've been out of the 'career' game for far too long now. One of my biggest regrets is giving up on myself and my potential to go after opportunities I wanted. Due to poor mental health and actually a fear of getting a job (I know it's silly, but if you have anxiety regarding jobs, then you'll know), I feel like now I've had a long period of time out of everything, I really need to start thinking about getting back to it and stopping letting the fear win. I have a few ideas as to what I would like to do, but it's just making those first steps to get there. I'm going to continue looking and see what happens!

4. Continue to overcome different fears - As mentioned, I've really overcome so much this year compared to last year. I really want to continue that amazing progress, no matter what obstacles come in my way and how hard it might be. The changes I've noticed in myself and what other people have is incredible in such a short space of time. I want to keep at it, starting small and working hard on it, woking my way through it and getting to a place where things are manageable. I'm so excited for the challenge rather than being 100% terrified of the prospect. 

What do you hope to achieve before the year is up?

Lauren x

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