50 Things That Make Me Happy


Happiness is something we all want in life. Happiness is something we all want to feel more of and never let it go. Happiness is something I felt like I could never experience again when I went through the year of hell last year. But happiness does exist and it does come back round even after the hardest times. Happiness is something I've felt so strongly this year and it's made me feel so much better about living life again. 

When you go through hell and back, you grab that happiness with both hands and nurture it with all you have. You never take it for granted and you appreciate all those little moments because they mean a hell lot more than those 'big fancy things' that society tells us that they're suppose to make us happy. Reality is these rarely bring us happiness or only can once. But each person has individual happiness within them and knows what or even whom makes them happy. Everyone's is individual and personal to them. So here are 50 things that make me happy:

1. Fresh fruit smoothies 
2. Waking up and feeling so refreshed
3. Hitting publish on a new blog post
4. Morning cuddles with the one you love
5. Bike rides
6. McDonalds Mcflurry's
7. Overcoming a fear
8. Laughing so much your belly hurts
9. Long hot bubble baths
10. Freshly painted nails
11. Baking cupcakes
12. Consuming said cupcakes
13. Deep chats at night 
14. Long walks
15. Going to the beach
16. Sharing the blogger love
17. Testing new makeup
18. Seeing your favourite band live
19. Singing your heart out to said band
20. Car journeys 
21. Reading a good book in bed at night
22. Getting into a clean bed with fresh sheets
23. Matching your underwear
24. Buying new underwear
25. Getting cosy when you're freezing cold
26. Being tanned and radiant 
27. Puppies!!!!!
28. Wearing a new outfit
29. Ice lollies in the sunshine
30. Playing the sims 
31. Hearing the autumn leaves crunching under your toes
32. Feeling so content and at peace
33. Going to cromer and being by the sea
34. Wearing a new lipstick 
35. Inside jokes with the family
36. Waking up next to Matt in the morning
37. Reminiscing on old memories with friends
38. Starting a new notebook
39. Being really creative 
40. Christmas time
41. The sound of rain from inside
42. When someone just gets you 
43. Watching the snow fall down 
44. Wearing my favourite lipstick
45. Buying fresh flowers
46. Feeling really confident and positive
47. Long car journeys 
48. Back tickles when I'm feeling down or stressed
49. Hearing my therapist say how well I'm doing
50. Fish finger sandwiches #enoughsaid

What little things make you happy?

Lauren x

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