10 Beauty Tips I Swear By


10 Beauty Tips I Swear By
For me, beauty is all about trial and error. What works for someone else, will not necessarily work for you or I, so it is always best to give things a go and then sack them off if they do not work out for you. I've learnt a lot of beauty tips over the years from my mum, friends, makeup artists in the media and other bloggers in the beauty industry. Some like I said have worked wonders, others not so much and that is totally ok. But there are the ones that have stuck with me and I use regularly to ensure I reach their full potential. Here are 10 beauty tips I swear by...

1. Always take your makeup off and cleanse your skin properly - Like I cannot express this one enough. It is so damn important. I always give myself a little kick up the back side when I don't cleanse my makeup off properly at night, usually because it's too late and I'm way too tired for that sh*t. But when I do and when I keep up a consistent routine with it, then I definitely notice the huge benefits it does have. Your future skin will thank you for cleansing your skin after a day of makeup and dirt clogging up your pores. Cleansing your skin enables it to breathe and improve the overall condition, as well as any problems you might have like excess oil, acne or dryness. 

2. Drugstore makeup can sometimes be the better option - I don't think it's any secret anymore that I am a huge drugstore makeup fan. I prefer it over high end for various reasons. It's obviously way more affordable, which means you don't have to spend so much expense if you love a product so much to continue to repurchase it. I always think it is good to have a look around for those good quality drugstore products. They are out there. I have discovered many that I would happily have over other hyped high end products that have been more than disappointing on several occasions. 

3. Get regular haircuts when you can - Don't get me wrong, I love the whole haircut process. I love being pampered and the feeling of soft fresh hair. But sometimes saying goodbye to your length, knowing it's probably going to feel ten times more shorter than before, can be a hard one and put you off having a haircut regularly. Since cutting my hair short at the start of the year, getting regular trims has been a hell lot easier. This has also meant I have really paid attention to how good it is for you. It gets rid of those split ends and helps your hair growth with those freshly cut ends. Your hair will feel smoother, softer and in a better condition. It can also be good to pop along to your local hairdresser if you want any advice on taking care or styling your hair. 

4. Wash your makeup brushes regularly - I can imagine you all rolling your eyes right now at this one, but how bloody important is this next beauty tip! Just like you I am so guilty of not washing my brushes weekly. I suck at it. It's the biggest beauty chore ever, but it's also the one that provides the best results for our skin and makeup. Washing your makeup removes the dirt and bacteria that has built up and keeps getting transfered onto your face (ew, I know.). This will help give your skin a good protection from developing things like spots or infections. 

5. Get enough beauty sleep - It's a cliché saying, but so damn true! Sleep helps so much with everything. I should know being a former insomniac. But it does really help in terms of beauty. It helps your hair growth, gives your skin a rest from those daily pollutants, ensures your skin looks less dull and tired, get's rid of those dark circles and puffy eyes that we all seem to hate. It honestly works wonders. 

6. Drink plenty of water - Another one that you're probably sick of hearing, but drinking water has so many beauty benefits similar to those of getting beauty sleep. It helps the skin and the hair, it helps to keep you hydrated, it cleanses your skin and body to get rid of all those harmful toxins, refreshing you all around to make you feel your best. 

7. Always shampoo the roots, then condition the ends - This is something I follow religiously to help avoid dry hair. Shampoo is obviously great at cleaning our hair by removing the unwanted build up in the hair like dirt and excess sebum. That's why you need to work it well into the roots where sebum is produced. If you apply shampoo onto your ends, you might find it can matter up your hair during the washing stages and cause breakages, which leads to dry and damaged hair. Instead, stick to the shampoo on the roots and use your condition on your ends, where it will replenish and nourish the ends that have the tendency to break. Conditioner on the roots can also make your hair go greasier quicker, so avoid it if you can.

8. Less is usually more - For me I have noticed over the past couple of years, the more I try to improve my skin or add to my makeup, the more problems I seem to have. Instead I have learnt that less is usually more when it comes to taking care of your skin. You do not need to pack on loads and loads of different products all the time. This will never give your skin a chance to breathe and sort itself out. When it comes to makeup, I find that applying things lightly and in layers works better than packing on loads of makeup and making it look really heavy and almost cakey.

9. Always prep skin for makeup application - If I ever don't prep my skin before I apply my makeup due to being in a rush and running out of time, then I always feel like my skin doesn't feel right nor will my makeup go on the same way. Preparing your skin for makeup will mean you have a more smoother application. It also gives your makeup something to stick to and therefore it lasts longer throughout the day. If you suffer with dry skin, then preparing your skin for makeup can ensure your makeup does not cling to any dry patches you might suffer with.

10. Layer your makeup - As briefly mentioned above, I much prefer layering my makeup for a flawless and even makeup look. If you apply everything in one big heavy layer, it's going to look too much and cakey. You want your application to be even and almost natural looking. If you want a more heavier coverage, then you need to layer your makeup until you reach the desired coverage. This will also make it easier to blend and apply other parts of your makeup because everything will be seamless.

What's your top beauty tip?

Lauren x

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