The One Spot Treatment I'll Never Stop Using


The One Spot Treatment I'll Never Stop Using
There are so many different spot treatments and products within the beauty market, all claiming to do different things for your skin whilst still keeping the one aim to get rid of those annoying spots that just won't seem to budge. I've tried many treatments over the years to get rid of hormonal breakouts I suffer with usually on my chin, but what also sometimes crop up on my cheeks or forehead when I'm stressed. Some have worked well, others not so much. But one I'll always go back to was just sat in my bathroom cabinet, a product I've been familiar with since I was younger and one my family always ensure we have somewhere in the house.

The one product I'm talking about is famously used for things like nappy rash, eczema, sunburn and minor burns, due to it being an antiseptic based cream. Sudo Crem is the one product I'm going on about and the one product I'll never stop using. I love using it treat acne. It literally works miracles on my skin. And whenever someone has an annoying spot or has a terrible break out, I'm always recommending them to put on some Sudo Crem and watch it just disappear in a matter of a couple of days.  

What I love the most about Sudo Crem is that you're not limited the amount of times you can put it on during the day. Of course don't put it on every single hour, but reapplying every few hours is totally fine and I have slept in Sudo Crem plenty of times before, as it's just easier since you don't have to leave the house with white patches on your face and can keep it on for a good period of time. 

The reason why Sudo Crem is so good for treating spots is because it works on reducing and healing angry red swollen spots. With the help of the antiseptic parts of the cream, your spots after one use of the cream reduce in redness and size. I always feel like mine almost shrink and shrivel up after using this. Come the second use of Sudo Crem, I then notice a significant reduction in the spot size and also the appearance, with them almost close to healing. I then either apply another amount for a third time or leave it to go away on its own naturally, which also works just as well since the redness and swollen look has completely gone.

What's also a massive seller for me is that Sudo Crem really helps to avoid your spots scarring or leaving any marks on your skin of where your spots once where. For me this is a massive pet hate when my spots scarre, as they are such a pain to get rid of and I've tried everything to try stop it. Sudo Crem is the only thing that helps to heal them properly and return my skin back to normal. 

The cream is also good for any dry skin suffers out there. The cream will help to get rid of any dry patches or flakey skin by calming it down and soothing the affected area. My cream always feels quite cool when I apply it onto the skin, just by keeping it in my cupboard. This can make it super soothing on the face, especially if you have any sore dry patches. The smell also plays a role in why it is so calming as it is thought to have lavender inside, which we all know is a calming and relaxing scent. 

For me Sudo Crem is super underrated when it comes to skincare and I always feel like it's one that is forgotten about in the beauty world because it is aimed more at babies and younger children. But the reality is that it works for so many different things. It's quick and convenient to use. You do not need to apply many amounts of it to achieve the results you want, which of course is an acne free skin. It's also so reasonable priced against other acne treatments, that you can end up spending a fortune on in one go, let alone when you need to repurchase, and they probably do not even work as well as the easy option that comes with using Sudo Crem

Sudo Crem is the one spot treatment I'll never stop using!

Have you used Sudo Crem before?

Lauren x

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