Top Tips For A Successful Blogmas


Top Tips For A Successful Blogmas

With October now here and some bloggers deciding to partake in the famous blogtober (blogging everyday in october), it's only rightly that us bloggers start to think about taking on the challenge of blogmas throughout december and the lead up to Christmas. Like blogtober, blogmas focuses on blogging everyday until the 25th of December. For the first time last year, I participated in the challenge and I definitely learnt a lot from daily blogging during that time. So today I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my top tips for a successful blogmas, the tips I plan on using and that I hope you might too if you decide to take on blogmas this year.

First off I want to say that daily blogging is hard. If you talk to any blogger who has daily blogged before they will say that it is a lot of hard work and can be very time consuming. So when deciding whether to do blogmas, please be realistic and see if you really can fit it into your schedule. Christmas is a busy time of the year anyway and with blogmas thrown on top, you might find yourself having way too much to do. But if you are ready for the challenge and want to be successful at it, know that it can be a lot of fun and be very rewarding also. 

So, let's bring on those top tips!

Plan, plan, plan. 

I cannot say this enough, but one of the main successes of blogmas is to plan as much as you possibly can. This most definitely applies to before blogmas begins, but can also be continued through december when you're posting content. Plan everything you possibly can to be organised and stay on top of your uploading. Plan your posts, when they're going up, what photos you need to take and edit, how long it's going to take you and any deadlines you need to set, what you're doing when, any back up ideas or help you might have to inforce if any obstacles crop up, what promotion you're going to use and how often. Planning will really help you in the biggest possible way ever when it comes to blogmas. Even if you're not a planner and would rather improvise, jotting down a few ideas and notes can be a good start. 

Keep it simple 

Just because you're taking on a challenge and blogging everyday doesn't mean you have to make things over complicated. Keeping things simple and straightforward will ensure a successful blogmas. Create the kind of posts that you already love to create, like lists or how to's, whatever your style incorporate it and be triumphant with doing so. Also consider what type of posts your readers love and involve these into your content. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect either. Just do you. That's the most important thing!

Get ahead if you can

This is where the planning side of things can be used to your advantage. Instead of creating content each day and uploading once you've done each day, scheduling posts ahead can save you a lot of time and can also take the pressure off of things. The main reason I uploaded this post less than two months until Blogmas officially starts is so you can have a think and plan, then get ahead when you feel ready to. It's a really easy way to keep organised, make use of your time before the busy period hits and complete as much of the challenge as you possibly can. It's all about prioritising and making it happen!

Don't put too much pressure on yourself

At the end of the day blogging challenges like blogmas are supposed to be fun, so try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Don't be strict with yourself to be posting perfect content constantly, to be on your game with promotion or to keep up with every single thing. Sometimes it's not possible and that's totally ok. There's no rules when it comes to blogging and the same applies with blogmas. Take it easy and enjoy the process. Believe in yourself that you can do it and be successful no matter what occurs. It's ok to push posts back if they're not ready and replace with a finished one, or miss a couple  of days if you need to. 

It doesn't have to be all Christmas related

Remember you don't have to make every single post Christmas related. It is entirely up to you what type of posts you upload throughout December. You can easily throw in some of your weekly content topics amongst some christmas or winter themed posts. It's entirely up to you what you decide to do. Whether you want it all Christmas related, a mixture or just your usual content, but instead do it daily.  It's good to spice things up and keep your audience entertained, so ensure you know what they love and maybe get their opinion on the sorts of things they'd like to see on your blog throughout december.

Make your own rules

As I mentioned prior to this next tip, there is no set rule book when it comes to blogging. You are basically your own boss and you call the shots. Of course there are a few guidelines that are set like when it comes to working with brands, earning money and all that lawsuit stuff what usually ends up going over my head, but there is nothing set in place telling you how you should be doing this and that. You do what you think works best for you and you make your blog your own. You call the shots and do what you want to it. Blogmas is no different. You get to decide how you take on the challenge. This means you can post what you want, when you want, how you want and do it in your own style. Make it your own and own it! Don't amount to the pressure of other people and what they're doing. They're doing them and making blogmas their own, now it's time you did the same for you and have fun.

Will you be participating in blogmas this year?

Lauren x

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