A Christmas To Do List


A Christmas To Do List
Now December is here I can truly embrace all things Christmas and really get into the festive spirit. For once I actually have a busy Christmas to look forward to and I couldn't be more excited. Therefore I thought I would put a little list together of some of the festive things I am going to be getting up to over the next few weeks.

Go to Centre Parcs - I feel really lucky and grateful that I'm going to Centre Parcs for a second time this year. From when you're reading this, I'm literally going in only a matter of couple of days which I am super excited for. I loved it when I went the first time in the summer and know it's going to be even more magical going this close to Christmas. They hold a Winter Wonderland where everything turns wintery and festive. It will be sure to get me into the festive mood. I can't wait to have a relaxing yet fun break away with Matt and his family. It's going to be super cute and will be a great challenge for my anxiety. Bring it on!

Put up the Christmas decorations - How much fun is putting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations around the house? So much fun! I love helping my Mum out and doing it together. It's such a lovely thing to do together and makes you feel all kinds of festive. I can't wait to live in my own house one day and decorate it whatever I want it and also share the experience with my kids. It will be such a lovely tradition to keep at.

Do some Christmas baking - I love baking all year round, but there's just something about doing it at Christmas that makes it feel so much better. I can't wait to have a browse through Pinterest to check out some recipe ideas. I'm thinking some delicious gingerbread men and some snowman cupcakes. Mmm I bet they'll be delicious!

Get a Christmas jumper - I feel like this one has been on my Christmas to do list for like four years now, but never seems to work out. When you're a short girl under 5ft and have small arms, it is impossible to find a jumper that doesn't drown you in length or ends up being a fortune in price for a few weeks wear. I'm definitely going to make it my aim this Christmas to find the perfect one to avoid this being on my Christmas to do list again next year. Send me your recommendations for places to shop for cute ones please!!!!!

Take lots of pictures - Christmas is the perfect time to whip out the camera and take lots of pictures. I love looking back on pictures and seeing how much you've changed or reflecting on memories. It's a great way to pick yourself up when you're feeling sad or just to enjoy looking back on with your loved ones. I want to take so many pictures so I can cherish them forever #soppygit.

Look at all the festive lights - Ever since I was young, I've enjoyed driving or walking around my local area and taking in all the festive lights people have put up outside their homes. Some people put in so much effort so it's always nice to admire their dedication to the festive period. It's always a great mood booster too!

Play all the Christmas music - I'm very fond of a Spotify playlist or two, so you can imagine how excited I am to be listening to all the Christmas music and singing so much I annoy Matt all the damn time. But hey ho, if there is no other way to get into the Christmas spirit, then it's listening to some festive tunes and singing your heart out every hour of the day until the big day is over!

Buy and wrap presents - I never seem to really do my Christmas shopping until December. I'm never organised enough to do it before then. But I love buying presents for people and wrapping up presents. I love making them look so cute and put together. It brings me such joy and I get so excited when I think about people opening them.

Do lots of festive things - Whilst I haven't got many festive plans yet, I know that I will aim to do more festive things this year. I know we have some plans to go ice skating and go to church on Christmas Eve, two things I have never done, but I'm looking forward to. I'm just excited to see what we do get up to and the memories we do make. This is a Christmas I am actually looking forward to for the first time in years and it makes me feel so happy.

What's on your Christmas to do list?

Lauren x

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