5 Blogging Things I No Longer Care About


5 Blogging Things I No Longer Care About

For me blogging is one of those things that can bring me a huge amount of enjoyment and self achievement, but other times it can really weigh me down and be like another added amount of stress. Usually when this happens I'll take some time away because it can completely suck the fun and enjoyment out of blogging. The past couple of months I've really began to change my attitude towards blogging and I've stopped getting hung up on particular things that would have once dragged me down. 

Here are 5 blogging things I no longer care about..

If I miss a post

The past couple of years I've had a schedule that I've stuck to and kept as a routine to help me consistently upload on my blog. I use to beat myself up so much when something came up in my personal life and it prevented me from being able to upload a post on a particular day. A few weeks ago after writer's block struck and I just couldn't get the words out, I made the decision to just not upload. Sure it was going against my schedule and plans, but does anything really ever go how we plan? 

It's completely ok to miss a post or a few posts for that matter. No one really notices anyway. I didn't have anyone messaging me asking me where my content was and I'm sure no one would ever even do that anyway. It's good to have a small break and catch up when you're ready to. Sometimes I just need more time to finish posts and that is completely fine. Quality after quantity after all.  

One thing I've started to do recently if I can't get a post up for the schedule date, then I'll throw a little extra bit of content on one of my social media platforms or Youtube to compensate. Like the other day I uploaded a new video instead of a blog post. 

You just make it work for you.

If I'm not active as much

If there was one thing I use to beat myself up more than anything when it comes to my blog is my lack of ability to always be active on my social media profiles. I'd see other bloggers always scheduling tweets, updating people about their day and starting conversations. I used to feel so guilty for not doing the same and kicking myself for not being more like them. I'm quite a shy person anyway and sometimes social media can be hard, because I'll just want to kind of keep myself to myself.

This can be tough with blogging because you have to be social on your platforms to build an audience and be there for your readers. Somedays on bad mental health days or when I'm busy, I just want to stay away from it and focus on other things. I'm only now learning that doing this isn't a problem. 

I find if I don't have some time away, it can turn social media and blogging into something quite toxic. I'm sure not all of us even have the energy to be constantly active with other commitments in our life taking centre stage. But I've learnt to accept what I can do and remind myself that it's my profiles to use as much or as little as I want.

If I don't get certain opportunities

At the start of January and when I first started to earn a small income from my blog, I will admit that I started to get a little green eyed whenever I'd see other bloggers get certain opportunities. I almost felt like I was being left behind and completely lost focus on why I even blogged in the first place. I'm not ashamed to open up about how I had been feeling because I like to keep things real here, but I'm also sure I'm not alone in feeling like this. 

I really had to take a step back and focus on what was important for me. It's the writing, it's the creativity, it's the learning new skills, it's getting my voice out there and growing in confidence, it's helping and meeting people, as well as building a community. I know that hard work pays off and I know when I'm patient opportunities do come my way. They are just an added bonus. And I am so grateful for the ones I have already been blessed with. 

That I post more photos of myself now

When you've gone from having 0% confidence in your body, your appearance, your voice and your abilities, to uploading photos of yourself and creating sit down Youtube videos, it can feel like you're exposing yourself to the world. Of course this is by my own choice, but it can be such a daunting task that I'm still getting use to. But the more photos I post of myself, the more my confidence to put myself out there is growing. 

I'm no longer so afraid of what people will think and if they'll still like my content. Now I just take the risk. I'm grateful for the people who still stick around even when my face pops up on their screen. It's gotten me use to my imperfections and I'm glad I've been able to be more personal to my audience with more than just a flatlay. 

That I don't (always) blog at the weekends

It seems so damn obvious to me now, but at the time whenever I would see bloggers at the weekend being productive, getting their photos taken, posts written up, tweets scheduled etc, I use to feel so bad for not doing the same. Instead I spend my weekends relaxing or going out and being with my loved ones.

I don't know why it took me so long to realise that it's completely ok for me to not blog at the weekends, because when you do it 5 days a week all day, then surely it's completely normal for me to want to take the weekend off? Just because it's not what the majority is doing, then I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for using my weekends as my time away from blogging. 

Weekends are essentially my time to unwind and get away from the screen. It can be annoying because it's when the community is most active, but it's essential I do give myself a blog free weekend to then start fresh on Monday. 

What blog things do you worry about?

Lauren x

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