24 Instagram Post Ideas


24 Instagram Post Ideas
I can't be the only one who find's it hard to know what to post on Instagram. There's so much pressure to have a consistent theme and post daily, sometimes I find myself stuck in a slump of not knowing what to photograph and then end up not posting for a few days. If you're like me, then I hope the following ideas will help you to know what to post the next time you're stuck and need a little bit of inspiration.

1. Throw back picture - Simple and easy! Have a look through your photo collection and pick your favourite memory or a great photo you've taken and throw it back.
2. Nails - Show us what you're wearing on your nails at the moment and what the shade is, so we can also got out and rock it! 
3. Face (fotd) - What products have you applied to your face today? Have you gone for a different look than what you normally would? Share the details!
4. Ootd - What outfit have you decided to wear today? Casual? Lazy? Dressy? Maybe you're off out for an exciting day? Share with us what you've chosen to wear and where we can find these pieces.
5. Eye look - Are you a pro at eye make-up or mastered a perfect smokey eye or winged liner? Share your achievements. 
6. Lip look - Same sort of thing but with lips! What lip product are you loving at the moment or what is your go to lip product(s)?
7. Haul - What have you recently picked up on a shopping trip or online order? 
8. Favourite make-up products 
9. Beauty essentials
10. Skin care essentials
11. Fashion essentials - What accessories or staple pieces are you loving? Is there a particular piece that everyone needs?
12. Your meal/food -  I mean c'mon everyone love's food!
13. Day in the life - What have you been up to today? Have you gone out and done something fun? Are you chilling at home watching your favourite tv series? Share a moment with your followers!
14. Flowers 
15. Favourite perfume/fragrance
16. Tumblr inspired - You know when you just don't know what to post, why not find a picture you love on Tumblr and repost it? 
17. Pinterest inspired - The same applies!
18. Regram 
19. Your favourite quote - spark some motivation and positivity to not only others, but you too!
20. Bedroom snippet - Snap a photo of a section of your room! This could be one of your shelves, bedding, your storage space or dressing table.
21. Your pet
22. Flat lays 
23. Drugstore favourites - Skin products, hair saviours, make-up bits etc
24. Highend favourites - Same applies again!

Share some of your own Instagram idea's below to help other's out!

Lauren x

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