5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From


5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From

There's a fair few brands that I have tried and loved, but have never got round to purchase more products from these brands. You might be surprised from today's post that most of these are fairly affordable and ones that you can easily access with little or no trouble. Also they're mainly beauty based and of the make-up kind. Which may not come as a shock to those of you who have read my blog before, since I'm a lover of make-up, particularly make-up that's good quality and fairly affordable, which I believe these brands are. Today I'm going to share with you the five beauty brands I want to try more from.

5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From LUSH COSMETICS


Can you count Lush as a beauty brand? I think so. Like most people, I have tried plenty of Lush bath bombs and melts over the years. Aside from that, the only two other products I have tried from this brand are Cupcake face mask (a full review here) and bubble gum lip scrub. Both which are great products and ones that I will continue to repurchase. However I really do want to try more from this brand. Everything from Lush just smell's and feel's so good, as well as giving great results, you can't not love this brand. I'd love to try more of their masks, in particularly the mask of magnanimity since I have heard so many good things about this face and body mask. Also I'd love to try some of their hair care range. My hairs always in need of a little bit of taking care of from time to time, so the treatments or conditions would be some of the product's I'd love to try.

5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From KIKO MILANO


Another brand that I really want to try more of is the leading Italian cosmetics brand Kiko Milano. I was kindly given a lipstick and an eye shadow from someone I know when they went to one of their stores earlier on in the year. I absolutely love both of the products, in particular the lipstick. It's such good quality for the price. Unfortunately, I don't have a Kiko store near where I live and when I have been near one before, in places like London, it's always been so busy and flocked with people that I've been unable to purchase anything. However, when I go up north soon, I'm definitely going to be having a splurge in Kiko. I've had my eyes set on some of the water based eye shadows, baked products, lipsticks and of course the latest limited edition range Wander Lust. How stunning is the Wander Lush packaging?

5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From MAC COSMETICS


As mentioned before, I'm more of a drugstore kinda girl. But I do love having a splurge and treating myself to more high end make-up from time to time or for Birthday's/Christmas. Mac is one high end brand that I've only ever slightly dabbled in. I own a few lipsticks which I absolutely love and I've had a powder from them before also. But I really want to try a lot more from Mac. In particular the 'Soft and Gentle' highlighting powder, some powder based blushes and bronzers, the lip liners especially 'Soar' and the Strobe Cream. 

5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From theBalm


After purchasing Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm and being so impressed with the all around product, I'd love to try more from theBalm. They just have such fun and adorable packaging and names to their products. They really have branded themselves so well amongst the mass market. The quality of their products are incredible too, I've never read or heard any bad reviews on this brand. They definitely are worth the price tag. Plus they're so easy to get hold of nowadays. My ideal wish would be to own all the Manizer sisters that include Cindy and Betty, as well as the one I already have which is Mary-Lou. I'd also love to try some of their blushes and eye shadows. Even though I'm not the biggest eye shadow wearer, I just love the whole concept behind their palettes.

5 Beauty Brands I Want To Try More From Makeup Revolution


The final brand that I would love to try more from is Make-up Revolution. A brand that is also really affordable and does great quality products. Surprisingly, I only own one product from them, which is the ultra blush palette in Golden Sugar. As soon as I saw this product, I had to have it and I wasn't disappointed. It has such a gorgeous range of shades and the quality is also good. My aim would be to try more palettes from this brand, maybe dabble into a few of their lip products and some of their setting sprays. They're also a brand I've never heard any bad reviews about which is always what you want to hear when trying out a brand.

What brand's do you want to try more from? Are any of them the same as me? Have you tried any  of the ones I've mentioned? Let me know!

Lauren x

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