Bedroom Revamp | Goals & Wishlist


Bedroom Revamp | Goals & Wishlist
Since the start of spring, I have really been wanting to revamp my current bedroom into a more modern, girly, airy and one that has a personal touch. About two years ago, I went from these disgusting dark brown and cream walls to white all around, which made such a different to how the room looked and felt. I then decided to go for a pale blue theme with my bed covers and curtains being this colour with a floral design. But apart from the small changes I made, I never really got round to doing anything else to my room.

However as I have grown a little older and have started to get into looking at home/interior things, I've really wanted to change it up a little and bring more to it. Right now, I feel like it's a little boring and doesn't suit my personal taste any more. That's why in today's post I thought I would share with you the goal's I have set, that I would like my room to end up looking like and a wishlist or inspiration board of some of the items and theme I would like my room to be like.


I would really love to just freshen up the whole room and make it look really modern. To freshen it up I need to repaint the walls, add another lick of white pain over the top of the already white walls. Also I would love to swap my current light oak coloured desk and bed side table for some plain white furniture. I think white furniture just helps to make a room look really airy and bright. Plus with white furniture, you always have the option to experiment with different coloured accessories if you want to change your room up and don't have to worry about it clashing with the light oak colour.

Also I want to add more decorations and on trend pieces to my room. At the moment, I just feel like it look's a little bare and unloved. I'd love to add more ornaments, photos, lights and some personal touches to the room. This way it would definitely change the whole feel of the room. It wouldn't just be a room I chose to sleep in, without sounding too cringe here, it would finally feel like it an actual proper well loved room and I would be able to give it my own touch.

Bedroom Revamp | Goals & Wishlist


The colour scheme that I have planned to go for in my room includes a lot of white, grey and pink, with hints of metallics ruining through particular gold or silver. I'm so obsessed with pink, grey and white. I think it just look's so fresh, modern and girly. I think it's become a really popular colour scheme to go for. Everyone seem's to be loving it at the moment and I can really see why. It's gorgeous!

I plan to for grey or pink bed covers on my bed. My ideal bedding look would be a plain pink or some sort of patterned grey duvet cover with a fluffy white and grey throw that I already own, with a matching cushion that I also own. I'd love a mixture of style of cushions that fit well into the colour scheme, but also bring in those hints of metallics to give the whole room a little something extra. 

Most of my furniture is going to be white as mentioned, which also corresponds well with the chosen colour scheme and of course, I'm keeping my walls plain white. I'd also like some sheer white curtains and a grey or dusky pink roller blind to continue that colour scheme through out the room. 

One thing that I would really love to change is the flooring in my room. My carpet is quite old now and it's got a few stains on it from make-up or nail varnish disasters over the years. I'd love to go for some kind of grey oak effect flooring whether that's laminate or actual flooring. Also I want to add a white fluffy rug on top. On the other hand, if that is out of the question, I'd love just a light coloured or grey carpet in my room. Maybe that would be a safer and easier option.

Bedroom Revamp | Goals & WishlistHOMELY & GROWN UP

I think as you get older, you do start to take more interest into homes and interior. I know I definitely have within the last year. I can't wait for the day when I have my own house and I can make it look however I like inside. But for now, whilst I am still very much living at home with my parents and not likely to move out any time soon, I think I'm just going to have to stick with keeping my ideas to my bedroom only.

I'd love to make my room a lot more 'homely'. As mentioned, it feel's a little bare and just unloved at the moment. I'd love to make it feel a lot more well cared for and like it actual look's like a place you would want to spend time in, as opposed to just any old plain boring room. I want to give it that touch of home and make it a relaxing place to be.

Also I want to make it feel more grown up. The floral design at the moment just reminds me of something I would have gone for in my early teen days. I think now as I am getting closer to my twenties, I'd want to bring more of a grown up feel to my room. I've lived in the same house for nearly nineteen years now. I know, how crazy is that? I think it's always nice to look back and think how much it has changed over the years. I believe this revamp would do just that.

Bedroom Revamp | Goals & Wishlist


Now I have always had a very small room. I call it the box room. Because literally it is like the size of a box. I just about can fit a single bed in, a desk, a bed side unit and a wardrobe, all whilst giving me the slightest bit of floor space for me to actually move in and out of. But apart from that,  I am quite restricted and I'm envious of everyone who has the room to fit a double bed in, a big fancy wardrobe and other amazing objects. But you know what they say, you have to make the most of what you've got and I plan to do just that.

I want to bring more storage and shelving into my room. I'd love to be able to put some shelves up, place some books, some cute ornaments and objects on top, as well as having some shelving to place thing's like my bags, so that they can be on display and won't get ruined.

Also I'd like to own the very well famous, you know what I'm going to say, because it's like everyone and their nan seem's to own the 'Alex Draws' from Ikea. With my ever growing make-up collection, I really need somewhere to accumulate all my beauty products. I currently have some acrylic draws, but they're just not big enough for my growing collection. Aside from make-up, I'd love to put things like skin care products, hair tools and products, tanning products etc inside the draws, so they're not just placed any old where around my room. Then I'd love to put some home accessories on top, like some flowers, a dish for my jewellery and perfume bits to stand on, as well as the acrylic draws.

Now I have mentioned some of my goals, plans and ideas, I thought I would include a little wishlist or inspiration board to show you some of the objects and further ideas I have for my bedroom revamp.
Bedroom Revamp | Goals & Wishlist

What's on your current homeware wishlist? Where do you like to shop for homeware bits?

Lauren x

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