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Budget Highlighters

I'm all for affordable make-up and shopping for great quality pieces when you're on a budget. Most of my make-up collection is made up of drug store make-up and a small segment of that is made up of budget friendly highlighters. I absolutely love highlighters, so why not do a post showcasing some of my favourite budget highlighters that you might want to invest in also if you haven't already.
Budget Friendly Highlighters
Budget Friendly Highlighters Sleek Solstice

Sleek Highlighter Palette - Solstice £9.99

If you're aware of hyped about products in the beauty world, then you might recognise this stunning Sleek highlighter palette. I recently got this and I can so see why this product is hyped about. It's is absolutely stunning, from the luxury gold packaging to the four stunning shades inside. It's a must have palette in my opinion!

The palette includes two baked highlighters (Hemisphere and Equinox), one cream highlighter (Ecliptic) and one shimmer highlighter (Subsolar). All four have amazing pigmentation, glide and blend with ease onto the skin, as well as being long lasting. 

This is a great palette if you want something you can use for different parts of your face, for example you could use Ecliptic on the brow bone and Hemisphere on the cheek bones. Also this palette is great when travelling, it gives you the opportunity to use four different highlighters for different days within your trip. 

Plus it's under £10, so essentially you're paying somewhere £2.49 for each shade!!!!

Budget Friendly Highlighters Kiko 208 Light Gold

Kiko Milano - Water Eyeshadow - 208 Light Gold £8.90 

Another new highlight to my collection and one you may all be thinking, but this is an eye-shadow? It is, but I like to use this as a highlighter also. It work's in the exact same way since it's a powder based product. You can obviously use this powder with water, because it is essentially a water based product, but since I am yet to try it like this I cannot past a judgement. But I can imagine it to be even more pigmented than it already is when it's used dry!

The powder is very soft to touch and doesn't feel rough at all. When applied on the skin, it feel's creamy but not heavy. It's just the perfect balance. This shade is a a gorgeous bright golden colour. It's somewhere in the middle of the golden spectrum. It's not too dark but not too light. It's' perfect for the summer season and is a massive help in achieving that golden goddess glow to the skin. It's not too shimmery, which is great because no one wants to look like a disco ball, right? But it does have some shimmer running through which does intensify that glowy look to the skin.
I think for a single shadow for being budget friendly, it may be a little too pricey for some, but I think the colour and the quality pay off is what makes this product. Plus it's supposedly a great dupe for Mac's Whisper of Gilt, which of course is double than what this is worth.

Budget Friendly Highlighters Collection Speedy Highlighter

Collection - Speedy Highlighter Pearl Sheen 1 £3.99

A budget friendly highlighter that is more of a cream formula is the Collection Speedy Highlighter in the shade Pearl Sheen. This has been shown on my blog before for being in my top 5 under £5 make-up products, so why not show it again in my budget friendly highlighters. I'm not a massive fan of cream products, but this one I can tolerate and find super easy to use. It comes in a 'chubby' crayon like applicator, which makes applying the product so much easier because you have total control of it
It's creamy yet light on the skin, which makes blending an easy job to carry out. The colour of course from the name is what could be described as a champagne toned pearl colour. The pigmentation is not too over powering. It does stem more toward's the subtle side, which means that this product is great for those light make-up days and when you want a more toned down look. Also it's great to use under powder based products. You can apply this underneath, then pop a bit of powder highlighter of a similar shade on top to intensify and make the look longer lasting. 

Budget Friendly Highlighters MUA Pink Shimmer

MUA - Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder Pink Shimmer £3.00

Not only is this highlighter super affordable, but is such a pretty and girly shade that is perfect for the warmer months. Pink shimmer is what could be described as a shimmery pearly pink colour. The texture of this product is soft and again another great easy to blend product. You can use this highlighter to build up your look, whether you want something quite subtle and sweet or more on the dramatic and glowy side. It creates such a healthy glow to the skin and helps to finish off your make-up look as a whole. As it does fade throughout the day, it doesn't completely disappear, it leaves more of a soft finish and just adds a slight natural shimmer to the skin.

Since this is more on the pinky side, you could quite easily use this as a blush alternative too, which means you can use this product for more than one use.  

For £3 you can't expect much, but this is definitely one that surprises you with the quality and colour pay off.

What are your favourite budget friendly highlighters? Have you tried any of these?

Lauren x

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