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I don't really tend to these style of chatty posts! So this is a first and hopefully one that actually gets the message across. Basically I just wanted to update you in a post, rather than across social media, because not everyone follows me on there and I can explain myself a lot better on here, since I'm not restricted by a word count. 

Basically, if you don't already know I suffer with anxiety, depression, emetephobia, health anxiety and digestive issues caused by my phobia and anxiety. The past couple of weeks, things have been pretty bad and I've been having a lot of anxiety attacks again! It's sucks because you go for so long without them, then they just appear out of nowhere and they're so hard to deal with. 

Because of this, I've been lagging behind with my blog. My post haven't been as good as I would want them to be. I haven't been able to put my 100% effort into my photography or my writing. I've found it so hard to sit in front of my laptop or to be patient when taking pictures, the irritability I feel from my anxiety just breaks through, making it hard for me to take the time to get some half decent shots.

I've decided to continue blogging because it makes me happy and gives me something positive to focus on. But I think for the next few weeks or until I am feeling better, I will be posting twice a week and sometimes I might slip the third post back in every so often.

I just have been lagging behind with my posts and schedule. I like working to a schedule, as it keeps me organised. But I've found myself a few hours before I need to publish my post, trying to retake photos or rewrite sections of my post. It just stresses me out and I don't want to put out rubbish posts for you guys. I want to have good content that people will enjoy reading. 

So yeah, the next few weeks will be slightly sparser than usual, but please bare with me whilst I sort myself out. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm probably going to get back in touch with my old counsellor for some counselling. Onwards and upwards as they say! 

Sunday post as usual (11:30am) 

Wednesday (4:30pm) 

And maybe another post every so often!

Thanks for reading this and hopefully understanding. I don't like to talk about my issues too much, as I like to make my blog a positive place. But I thought I'd just update you guys on what's going on, so you know what to expect. 

Hope you all are well and have had/having a good day! 

See you tomorrow for a new post xx

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