Favourite Things About Blogging


Favourite Things About Blogging
I've nearly been blogging for nearly a year now and so far I have loved every moment of it. It's such a fun hobby to have that enables you to grow and develop. You might be reading this and have always been interested in starting up a blog, but never had the courage or never knew if you are 100% ready to start one. On the other hand, you might already be a blogger and you're in need of getting your blogging spark back or a reminder as to why you started. I hope today can help whoever you might be, to see how fun and interesting blogging can be and what it can do for you as a person!
Here are my favourite things about blogging...

An enjoyable hobby - Blogging for most of us is a hobby that we participate in during our spare time. For others who are fortunate enough and chose to, it can also become your full time job. For me, I started blogging not only because I had been wanting to for so long, but because I needed a hobby to do in all the free time I had after finishing college and I knew it would be something a little extra to add to my CV. I'm so glad that I decided to chose blogging as my hobby. It is one that is so highly enjoyable. I've always enjoyed writing, so my blog gave me that outlet to write and be creative whilst doing so. Not only has it given me the chance to write freely, but it has introduced me to other aspects of the whole blogging processes, such as photography and marketing. It's enabled me to learn 
new skills and build on my knowledge within so many different areas all whilst still having loads of fun!!!

Meeting new people - I've not actually met anyone from the blogging community yet, but the people I have spoke to have always been so friendly and lovely to talk to. Most people are very welcoming, willing to chat to you and be supportive with whatever you want. Of course, there is that select few who might be stuck in a clique or not as welcoming as others, but that happens in pretty much all communities. Twitter chats that happen most nights are a really great way to meet others. It's really lovely to chat to people who also have blog's and may share the same interests as you. All the people I've ever spoke to on social media have been lovely, especially Hannah from ohhelloitshannah, she's always been so lovely whenever we've chatted and is so friendly! I always enjoy reading her posts too.

Confidence - Blogging has really helped to improve my confidence. It's given me a voice and a platform to express my thoughts and opinions in a creative way. If you suffer with self-esteem issues and you're worrying about starting a blog because of that reason, I honestly would say just go for it. It's a massive confidence boost when people take the time to read your posts, leave a nice comment or tweet you saying they enjoyed reading your post and found it helpful. It makes me feel so positive and makes me believe in myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Also if you're someone who worries about what others think, blogging has really made me realise to not care what people think about you and what you do in life. It's your life. So do what you want. And enjoy it!

Favourite Things About Blogging

Develop and learn new skills - Not only does blogging include writing and being creative, it also includes a number of different skills that you might already have or might learn from starting up your blog. Writing is a skill I've always had since starting school and writing short stories when I was younger. But since blogging, I think my writing has improved more and more. I've really been trying to develop my own style. My creativity has also improved since blogging. I think more outside the box now and try to make my ideas unique to me. Blogging has also given me the chance to learn many others skills that I didn't have before. I've started taking an interest in photography, learning about how to use my camera properly, how to achieve the best photo with regards to lighting and angles, as well as the whole editing process afterwards. Also I have been able to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing/promotion. I've realised the importance of promoting you and your blog and how it can drive readers to your posts. Also how to engage people with great quality in depth content! There's so much you learn and develop from just blogging alone. 

A creative outlet - I've touched on this a few times within this post, but having a blog is a great creative outlet for someone who wants to be creative, but perhaps isn't sure how to be. If you enjoy writing, then having a blog can give you that creative space you need to present your writing to others. Not only can you be creative with your writing, but also your photography and the design of your blog can help you to express yourself creatively. If you're a massive fan of photography and love taking pictures, blog photos will be something you might enjoy very much. You might love setting up an image, playing around with different props, creating a theme and capturing those perfect shots. Or you might be a wiz at web design and might be able to create some amazing templates, which you could gift to other bloggers/brands or set up an online shop for others to purchase/download your templates. Again a whole spectrum of creative outlets for you to chose from!

Time consuming - Blogging is without a doubt time consuming! Other's on the outside of this bubble won't understood how much dedication you have to put into a blog. It's just not about writing a few paragraphs and snapping a couple of photos on your phone. It's more than that. It's a whole load of content creating, planning, photographing, writing, promotion, scheduling and communicating. It's a time consuming hobby. One that I really enjoy. I love putting hard work and time into my own little space on the internet. If you're at home, unemployed and bored, a blog can be something you can do and to make you feel worthwhile. It's also a great distraction from any stress or negative feelings you might feel. 

What are some of your favourite things about blogging? 

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