A Summer To Do List


A Summer To Do List
I feel like my Spring goals kind of failed really, I didn't do an awful lot of what I wanted to do because sadly life got in the way. But it hasn't stopped me from being determined and motivated to get stuck into the things I have planned for this next season. This time I feel like everything on my to do list is a lot more achievable and realistic than the last time, as well as being more suited to whom I am right now and where I'm headed. So for my new post back into blogging, I thought I would share with you some of my goals for the summer season:
Eat more fruit & swap foods for healthier alternatives - Now I will admit that I did find myself successful with the whole eating more fruit thing. I hope to continue this on into the summer, because as cliché as it is fruit really is so much better in the warmer months. There's nothing better than sitting outside in the morning with a bowl of fruit and some yoghurt. I also hope to swap some foods for healthier alternatives, which again I think sometimes I'm not too bad at. I mean I could be worse! It's all about balance after all, right?

Drink more water - Another one I think I'm going to smash as I pretty much do this anyway! I drink water from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed. Every meal I choose to opt for water and it has done not only my digestion a world of good, but my skin is also so very grateful for it. 

Start working out/going for runs again - My favourite time to go on a run is in the early morning of a Saturday or Sunday during the summer, when no one is up or about and I literally can just be by myself (struggling) to run. It's so peaceful at that time of day. I also want to start doing my home workouts again as I used to love doing them, but stopped for health reasons last autumn. 

Go fruit picking - I haven't been fruit picking in years, so I'd love to go again! Give me all the strawberries. 

Go on a bike ride - I used to love bike rides as a kid, so again I'd love to go on one this year, no matter how far, I think it would be a lovely way to spend an afternoon or two.

Have a BBQ - It's been too long since I last had a barbeque! Nothing says Summer like getting the BBQ out. 

Drink lots of costa iced lemonades - Something I've already done a couple of times, but if you know me, I love my costa iced lemonades. They're sooo good. 

Get back into posting regularly on my blog - As you may or may not have noticed, but I'm back posting now on my blog after a months break. I hope to keep this up and get back into posting more regularly again.  I was so good at it last summer. I'm hopeful that it will be the same again this time round!

Take lots more pictures - Blogging has really brought out a love in me for all things photography which I never quite knew I had. But I really want to start taking more pictures, whether that's places I go or things I do, I think it would be nice to have photos to look back on.

Buy some peonies - They're just beautiful this time of year.

Expand my summer wardrobe - Spring/Summer fashion is my absolute favourite! I need a massive summer wardrobe shopping spree. 

Continue to go beyond my comfort zone - I've been really good lately at getting beyond my comfort zone and beating my anxiety! I still have a very long way to go, but it's just baby steps right now and repeating things until I feel comfortable enough to go further. I'm so bloody proud of myself! A year ago I would have never done the things I have done this year. It makes me feel so overwhelmed when I think about it. 

What's on your Summer to do list?

Lauren x

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